Advertising as a tool for product promotion

Advertising is the art of reaching as many people as possible with information about a certain product with the aim of convincing them to purchase or enjoy the service. Every business that seeks to grow has to advertise in order to stay relevant in the market. By using promotional products, the business is able to increase awareness on products.

Elements of advertising

1. Target audience

In order to ensure the success of any advert, it is important to first identify the target audience. Products have varying audiences. By identifying who you need to market the product to, you will get the know-how on how to advertise.

2. Availability

There are a lot of target audiences in the global market. After identifying them, it is essential to check their availability which will influence the mode of advertising. For instance, adverts targeting teenagers would mostly be done through social media and the internet rather than through radio.

Types of advertisements

1. Broadcast media

Television and radio are the two greatest forms of broadcast media. Also, they are firmly established as methods of advertising and thus, have a sure target audience. The affordability of radios makes them easy to access and thus, easy to advertise. Also, the installation of radios in cars has led to increased information access including advert awareness.

2. Print media

Newspapers and magazines are the two oldest print media. Newspapers have a wider coverage since they can be read by everyone. With literacy levels increasing, the use of print media is increasing. Magazines on the hand, target a specific audience depending on the theme of the magazine. The low costs of newspapers have made them an easy avenue to ensure promotional products are marketed. Ads are catchy which makes them easy to identify. Geographical zones are not left out since they are covered by the use of regional newspapers.

3. Social media

The world we are living in is digitalized. Most of the services previously provided have been integrated to this media. There are millions of users on social media platforms. To tap into this increasing market, businesses should create accounts on these platforms in order to send ads to users who can become potential consumers.